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San Benito County

Population Served


Children under 3 years old


Children 3 to 5 years old





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* Excludes 0 children with unknown language

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* Excludes 0 children with unknown race/ethnicity

Total Revenue


First 5 California Impact Funds


Prop 10 and Small Pop Funds


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Public and Philanthropic Funds


Grant Funds


Total Expenditures


Program and Evaluation Costs


Administration Costs



         Program type                                                                                          Clients served 


Family Functioning 



General Family Support      524 children   

Intensive Family Support     20 children


Child Development



Early Learning Programs     552 children

 (Direct Costs)

Quality Early Learning         321 children




Child Health



General Health Education     38 children

and Promotion

Oral Health Education           29 children

and Treatment

San Benito County Highlight

San Benito County has long been thought of as a rural, agricultural community. For many families living in rural areas, access to early learning programs and services is difficult. A shortfall in medical, dental, and mental health providers creates additional barriers to accessing preventive healthcare, which is critical to the health and well-being of children. Additionally, the percentage of 3- and 4-year olds who attend preschool has been decreasing since 2012. First 5 San Benito serves 100% of families living in the rural areas of the county through an evidence-based home visiting program and intense family support, as a means of improving outcomes for children prenatal through age five, and their families. The program strengthens families by providing early learning opportunities, developmental screening, family literacy support, and early intervention services in their home. The home visiting program meets the individual needs of each family. For example, one of the parents participating in  First 5’s Parents as Teachers (PAT) home visiting program wanted to go to college but faced language and financial barriers. Her PAT home visitor informed her of financial aid opportunities and basic needs support that would make attending college possible for her. In addition, the home visitor connected her child to developmental playgroups, literacy programs, and preschool.

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