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Programs for Families

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We are seeking parents of children birth to three years old that would like to participate in an educational program in your home. ​

Parents as Teachers has a vision: that all children will grow and develop to reach their full potential. Isn’t that what we all want for our children? Through Parents as Teachers, you will partner with a parent educator focused on your child’s healthy growth and development.


Your parent educator will personalize information to fit with your family’s needs, concerns, and hopes. Together you will discuss goals for you as a parent and for your child. You will build on your strengths and skills.

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 This program is for parents with children ages birth to five. It supports the notion that parents are their child’s first teacher and introduces parents to concepts of language development, child development and basic parenting skills.


Parents learn new vocabulary in Spanish and English, and how to observe their young child and write about them and will conclude the six-week course with a handmade book about their infant / toddler.

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Our proven, award-winning program helps families:

  • Understand why sharing books regularly matters

  • Excite children and families with award-winning books each week that build the book sharing routine

  • Establish connections to libraries to maintain literacy habits at home

Raising A Reader’s mission is to engage caregivers in a routine of book sharing with their children from birth through age eight to foster healthy brain development, healthy relationships, a love of reading, and the literacy skills critical for school success.


Programs for parents or alloparents children 11 to 16 years old. 



The Strengthening Families Program (SFP) is a nationally and internationally recognized parenting and family strengthening program for high-risk and general population families. SFP is an evidence-based family skills training program found to significantly improve parenting skills and family relationships, reduce problem behaviors, delinquency and alcohol and drug abuse in children and to improve social competencies and school performance. Child maltreatment also decreases as parents strengthen bonds with their children and learn more effective parenting skills.


Program for parents or alloparents with children prenatal to 8 years old. 



Learn how to use positive discipline to create more respectful, peaceful
home environments, and support our community with curricula based
on mutual respect.


You will learn tools through fun activities to help strengthen your family
relationships and resolve challenging behaviors such as parent child
power struggles!


Available for parents or alloparents with children that about to begin kindergarten. 


This program offers education and resources specifically

designed to help you support your child's school readiness and transition to kindergarten.

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